This document represents a binding contractual agreement between SuperSonic Online (herein referred to as "the Company") and the services reseller (herein referred to as "the Client"), and by extension the Client's customers (herein referred to as "the Customer")

Web/Internet Hosting

The Company agrees to provide the Client with reseller hosting services pursuant to the conditions outlined below:

  1. The Client and the Customers must comply with the Company's content restrictions
    The Client and the Customers must abide by the Company's anti-spam policies.
  2. The Client and the Customer must not offer any service or product that may directly or indirectly conflict with the business practices of the Company.
  3. The Client cannot use a Customer as a vessel to purvey the Client's own goods, with exceptions made to bylines embedded within websites.
  4. The Client and the Customer must agree to occasional audit by the Company to ensure enforcement of policy.
  5. The Company reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate any account not in compliance with its policies without notice or compensation

Account Balances and Payment

All Client and Customer accounts must be paid on the schedule agreed to by the Company. Failure of an account to pay for a period of 30 days or more will result in suspension of that account until either a) balance owing is paid in full or b) regular period billing is continued for 30 days, whichever is first. If an account misses a pay period and this period goes unpaid for 30 days or more, the Company will suspend the account until payment is made in full.

If an account stays in suspension for an additional 30 days, the account will then be considered abandoned and will be removed from our systems. Accounts within the 30 day suspension period may be reactivated at any time, subject to a $30 reactivation penalty in addition to all normal fees and taxes. Accounts beyond the 30 day suspension period will not be reactivated.

All payments are non-refundable.


The Company agrees to provide an Internal Uptime of no less than 99% per month. The Company is not responsible for conditions beyond its control, i.e. complete loss of Internet service, extended loss of power, facility damage or destruction due to fire or vandalism, and other Acts of God.

The Company agrees to extend 1 month of free service to all accounts affected by an extended Internal Downtime within the Company's control. The Company is not responsible for any damages or loss of revenue by the Client or the Customer resulting from any downtime.

Client Responsibilities

As a representative of the Company, the Client is responsible for upholding all Acceptable Use Policies, as set forth by the Company, with their Customers in addition to any of their own. Any Customer found to not be compliant with any Acceptable Use Policies is subject to penalties detailed therein. As a representative of the Company, the Client must be available as the Customer's support contact at all times. The Company agrees to provide further assistance where necessary, through the Client only, as the Client is to be the Customer's point of initial contact.

The Client is considered to be a contractor in service of the Company and must provide the Company with Client and Customer updates no less than every 30 days, with recorded voice communication, present third party verification, or email acknowledgement by the Company.

The Client cannot obligate services and/or deliverables to a Customer that are provided by other Clients or by the Company without written and signed consent from all parties and/or a verbal agreement witnessed by the Company, except for those services as publicly provided by the Company.


The Client and Customer are responsible for the security of all personal or private information involving their web services, including but not limited to:

  • All passwords (FTP, panel, email, web site, and other)
  • Any personal information collected, presented, and/or stored by their websites or services

All Client and Customer sites and or services that are found to contain vulnerabilities or exploits shall be required to isolate and fix the vulnerability no more than 3 days after being contacted by the Company. Sites or services that are not fixed within 3 days of being contacted by the Company shall be shut down until the problem is fixed, unless further arrangements are made with the Company. If the problem is still not fixed after 30 days, the account (Client or Customer) shall be considered in violation of the Terms of Service and will be closed permanently.

The Company reserves the right to take a Client or Customer site offline without notice if the website is deemed to be already compromised or in immediate danger of being compromised.

The Company employs software and hardware level security to help ensure the protection of Customer/Client data, including but not limited to, nightly backups, software and hardware firewalls, anti-virus protection, account partitioning, and password protection. The Client/Customer acknowledge that the Company is not responsible for loss/theft of data stored within its systems or any damages resulting from such loss or theft, and the Client/Customer acknowledge that the Client/Customer is responsible for adequate storage and protection of sensitive information.

Account Closure

In the event that an account (Client or Customer) is voluntarily closed, files and data will remain resident on our systems for a period of 30 days following account closure (termination by mutual agreement of the Company and the Client, or by mutual agreement of the Client and the Customer). During this 30 day period, accounts may be reactivated without penalty. Following the 30 day period, reactivation will be assessed a restoration penalty in addition to the standard renewal fees.

Accounts considered abandoned following a 30-day non-payment suspension, or those closed in violation of one of our Acceptable Use Policies shall not be granted any 30-day grace period and will be removed immediately. In addition, accounts closed as a result of a violation of out Acceptable Use Policies shall not be reactivated or renewed under any circumstance.

In all cases, should a Client account be closed, all remaining active Customer accounts will be transferred to the Company directly. The Client will not be eligible to reclaim these accounts. Upon termination of Client account, any obligations or agreements outside of hosting subscriptions that are written, implied or otherwise specified between the Customer and the Company or any other Client will be null and void including but not limited to implied or agreed services and/or deliverables.

Agreement Changes

The Company agrees to provide at least 30-days notice of any change of this Agreement. The Client agrees that the new agreement must be signed within 30 days of taking effect. The Client understands that failure to sign any new agreement may lead to a necessary termination of the Client accounts.

Agreement Term

This agreement is in effect from the Date of Signature until declared null and void by the Company and the Client, or until the above Agreement has been violated 3 times by any related party. The Client understands that voiding of the Agreement will terminate the Client's account and all related Customers.

This document was last modified January 08, 2015.

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