This document represents a binding contractual agreement between SuperSonic Online (herein referred to as "the Company") and the customer or reseller (herein referred to as "the Client").

Content Restrictions

By applying for services provided by the Company, the Client agrees to the following content restrictions for all provided services:

  1. Absolutely no nudity, sexual, or pornographic content of any sort.
  2. Absolutely no racism, sexism, or other discrimination of any sort.
  3. Absolutely no content in violation of any copyright laws.
  4. Absolutely no content promoting, endorsing, facilitating or otherwise associated with any action or practice defined as unlawful by both Canadian and American law. Where Canadian and American laws differ, Canadian law shall be taken as correct.


Exceptions to restrictions (a) and (b) as noted above may be made on a case-by-case basis at the sole discretion of the Company. In all such cases, content must abide by all applicable Canadian laws, and must include a warning and age-confirmation page with a minimum age of 21 prior to providing access to said content. This includes direct links to the content, such as those provided on popular search engines. All exceptions must be in written hardcopy form with signatures from both the Company and the Client.

In addition to the above conditions, the Company reserves the right to revoke the exception at any time without prior notice or consent of the Client. All content covered under the exception will be audited by the Company on a regular basis. The Company reserves the right to remove content it deems in violation of the written exception without notice or consent, and pursue criminal charges where applicable.


The Client understands that all content may be subject to random audit by the Company to ensure compliancy with this and other policies and agreements. The Client understands that no private or personal information will be used, obtained, retained or otherwise compromised by the Company.


The Client understands that any account reported to be in violation of this agreement will be subject to investigation to the fullest extent. The Client understands that the Company shall not be required to give notice of such an investigation. Should a violation of this agreement be found, the offending account shall be closed immediately and permanently. The Company reserves the right to prosecute for violations of this agreement when applicable.

This document was last modified on February 26, 2014

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